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Picked-up terms

ultra-violet ray

This is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than 380 nm (397 nm by one account). When subdividing, it is classified as near UV...

Nanometer (nm)

This is a unit of length meaning 10-9 meter.Nano is a prefix meaning one billionth.The unit sign is nm.Previously, the millimicron unit was used...

Polarized light

The light travels on vibrating vertically. However, certain lights travel in all directions with an equivalent intensity of vibration. Such lights are...


The wavelength corresponds to the distance between two peaks and troughs of a wave. For a travelling wave, one wavelength is equivalent to the distance...

Ghost image

This is a kind of flare. When sunshine appears on the camera screen, or when taking a picture of something very bright, a clear color cast may be present at...


How to choose a lens filter

Camera Filter Basics.

What to know first when choosing a camera filter.

Transmittance and Reflectance

A high performance is required as if "a camera filter doesn't exist."